Purported glitch hop / wonky imprint Lab Beat has released some seriously sideways sounds in eleven releases by Actionfist, Boomd, Fizzarum, HipGnosis, Lewing, Master Eveleigh, Neverslept, Planes and Rose Specs.

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Artificial Inelegance Volume Eleven. marks the first in what may not be a series of sampler compilations showcasing some wonky glitch-step music (let's call it anything but bass music). Presented here is a selection from Lab Beat's roster of slightly mysterious producers, spread over 4 continents and including the first, and probably last new recordings in years by both Actionfist and Master Eveleigh.

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Artificial Inelegance Volume Eleven
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Boomd: Samurai
Far from easy listening; this is the jelly-fish structured soundtrack to your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If you want to feel cooler than any of us are, cheaply and cleanly, it's either listening to this, wearing sunglasses at night, or both.

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Planes: Joining Dots
Joining Dots
follows two short releases in winter 2010. In consideration of the success of these, much attention has been given to doing nothing differently. Destabilised, squashy, playfully nostalgic, instrumental hip-hop beats with a meticulously planned, gapless track-list.

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Neverslept: Jesus Skwept
Jesus Skwept is extraordinarily funky to the extent that it might be called rude. A squeezed and stripped funk sound is the essence of the scandinavian skweee vibe, and Jesus Skwept is trimmed and engineered to burst in accordance with the hot and fresh skweee criterion.

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