Freely disseminating mp3s under a slew of aliases can present problems for otherwise keen record labels seeking to cash in on a name. That and having very little propensity to self-promote, or even respond to email. In fact, in Lab Beat tradition, Boomd doesn't even use facebook. Nonetheless, his music has found its audience. Also known as The Confidence Prankster and Hypnokid, this prolific youngster's compositions are most playfully explorative when attributed to his Boomd persona.

It is tempting if perhaps not sensible to compare Boomd's style to fellow Glaswegians and giants of wonky electronica, Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Regarding these heros' recent releases however, Boomd's Samurai seems more confident, almost as if it was produced under less pressured circumstances (which seems likely). But the result is far from easy listening; this is the jelly-fish structured soundtrack to your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


Boomd: Samurai


'@thestart' is a disjunct flow of fruity drums, abused vocal glitches and full-bodied bass warbles, while title track 'Samurai' provides another similar confused bad-man vibe, but with a hypnotic programming and structure that makes for a completely captivating listen.

'Spin' is radically different, this time sounding more like Samiyam's finest wonk-hop. The words 'effortlessly cool' might seem appropriate, but I've never managed to conceive of such a cool groove despite considerable efforts. If you want to feel cooler than any of us are, cheaply and cleanly, it's either listening to this, wearing sunglasses at night, or both.

Cover art by Sophia Shuvalova.






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