Rose Specs


Rose Specs makes music with a jazzy lean.

Influences include Flanger, Burnt Freidman, Atom Heart, Herbie Hancock, The Necks, Triosk, Prefuse 73, Freeform, Andrew Pekler and Danieto.


Rose Specs: Glitch Style ForaysA debut album by Australian producer Rose Specs, Glitch Style Forays is a glitch affair boasting pretty rolling melodies and traversing various realms of dance music, particularly dubstep, electronic jazz, and hip hop. Jazz hop, then?

Tracks are infused with a rosy warmth while retaining a penetrating quality. Its like fine wine, from a laboratory.



Rose Specs is handling his own business these days, Mod Head Recordings. be sure to check Varp Rocks from his Bomp Monster EP.



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Glitch Style Forays
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Rose Specs - Glitch Style Forays

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