Planes is the new Richard Bultitude (Point B, Frond). In new Lab Beat tradition, his style is a sophisticated, plasticised synthfunk one.


Joining DotsLB012: Planes: Joining Dots follows winter 2010's My Intentions EP2 and EP1, a dense brew of elastic, wormy bass and dissonant synth keys. A first full-length Planes album, bursting with summer-optimism, receiving the strange accolade of Mixmag dubstep album of the month. In consideration of the success of the previous EPs, much attention has been given to doing nothing differently. Destabilised, squashy, playfully nostalgic, instrumental hip-hop beats with a meticulously planned, gapless track-list.

All glued together with heavy, plasticised synthfunk basslines, each track wears its own individual character, however, varying from the simultaneously playful and nostalgic mood of 'Deep Seas' reminiscent of classic Rephlex Records, via a suggestion of Pierre Bastien's seesawing clockwork and mechanical dulcimer on 'Network Effect', to the interplanetary pings and destabilised science-fiction synths of 'Sole Intention', an elegant, glitch-driven groove with jazzy flourishes.

Perhaps reminiscent of Nosaj Thing/Dimlite, or even a more clinical and eventful Flying Lotus, followers of the recent resurgence in instrumental hip-hop need to check these records. Mastered at considerable expense by Hue Jah Fink, this one is perfect for fancy new headphones and sound systems alike, and you can get yourself started by streaming all three releases right here, in full.



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