Neverslept is a new alias by a renowned and experimental Bristol-based producer who has plied us with 3 tracks of wonky synth-funk / skweee.


Neverslept: Jesus SkweptThe title track Jesus Skwept is extraordinarily funky to the extent that it might be called rude. Computer Tang suggests a less manic playfulness but with the same infinitely listenable elegance.

A squeezed and stripped funk sound is the essence of the scandinavian skweee vibe, and that is a perfect description of what to expect from this lean 3-track release. In fact, the tracklist has been relentlessly trimmed and engineered to burst in literal accordance with the hot and fresh skweee criterion.



Free DL! Neverslept's porn-groove mixtape Nerds do it different.
Nerds do it different



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Neverslept - Jesus Skwept

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