My Intentions (EP1) sounds reminiscent of Nosaj Thing, or perhaps even a cleaner and more eventful Flying Lotus or Dimlite. Mastered at considerable expense by a discerning management (or Hue Jah Fink, in the direct sense) this one is perfect for fancy new headphones and sound systems alike. In fact this tripartite bundle offers exactly what you need for exactly three occasions;

High Tides is a wondering, smooth and wobbly operation that manages to both soothe and amuse.

Circadian is an eventful, tight riddim, verging on funky. While the title can serve as a reminder to get some sleep, this track keeps me awake as I write.

Network Effect sees stuttering, squashy, wonk-hop beats underline rhythmic melodies with beautiful, haunting timbres, and all is incorporated in an intriguing structure. This is exactly the kind of artificial inelegance we've been looking for, and you can get yourself started by streaming it right here, in full.


Planes: My Intentions (EP1)

Planes: My Intentions (EP1)



Planes performing as Point B @ Plex - 30/10/2009<



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Planes - My Intentions

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