Following winter 2010's My Intentions EP2 and EP1, a dense brew of elastic, wormy bass and dissonant synth keys, a first full-length Planes album arrived, bursting with summer-optimism. In consideration of the success of these previous EP releases, much attention has been given to doing nothing differently, yet this time Planes received the strange accolade of Mixmag dubstep album of the month.

Similar in many respects to those EPs in the My Intentions series, this album was mastered by the same engineer (Hue Jah Fink) and comprises another welcome dose of destabilised, squashy, instrumental hip-hop beats, with a seesawing, mechanical, clockwork dulcimer, all glued together with plasticised, synth-funk basslines.

As well as the usual album trimmings of a meticulously planned, gapless track-list, this album certainly has been constructed with summer in mind, and the vibe is as playfully nostalgic as ever. (In Richard Bultitude's homeland of England, summer is scarce enough to be such an exciting occasion that the devotion of an entire music project to this short season says nothing disparaging about the music itself, but is righteously glorifying of such a substantive release).

Finally, a word of geek trivia; this album is distributed to discerning download sellers (Bandcamp, Boomkat, Juno) in 24-bit, studio fidelity audio!


Planes: Joining Dots
Planes: Joining Dots



Planes performing as Point B @ Plex

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