The title track Jesus Skwept is extraordinarily funky to the extent that it might be called rude. Computer Tang suggests a less manic playfulness but with the same infinitely listenable elegance.

A squeezed and stripped funk sound is the essence of the scandinavian skweee vibe, and that is a perfect description of what to expect from this lean 3-track release. In fact, the tracklist has been relentlessly trimmed and engineered to burst in literal accordance with the hot and fresh skweee criterion.

Cover photography courtesy of Noel Deasington.

Boomkat say "Skweee'd-out electro bumpers. Computer Tang works a slick and minimal downtempo rutter, while Jesus Skwept is more dubbed out and acrid and Wild Stallyns finds a more tweaky flex with twitchy syncopation and crisp, crystalline synths like a cheeky Jimmy Edgar."

Free DL! Neverslept's celebratory porn-groove mixtape Nerds do it different.
Nerds do it different


Neverslept: Jesus Skwept

Neverslept: Jesus Skwept



Nerds do it differentNerds do it different. Free!



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Neverslept - Jesus Skwept

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