Glitch-Hop producer, drummer and occasional trumpet player, HipGnosis is Lab Beat's first yankee signee, formerly based out of Chicago.


Actionfist: Fisticuffs
With his clinical, woozy, bassy Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies), HipGnosis embarks in a different direction, more usually working with some remarkable vocalists, including Corn Tha Coon, Duckman, Ill Will, Krukid, L-Ement, Nautic and J-Vishus.


HipGnosis: Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies)Previously, as 'siriusrising' HipGnosis released IDM on the Aleph9 net-label. This gave way to hip hop production, culminating in the debut album as HipGnosis, Beats & InstruMENTALS followed up with a more experimental hip hop sound in 2005, on META. The Supply & Demand series, featuring strong rap perfomances. Reflecting the new production techniques used on META, but bringing more in tune with commercial hip-hop. Ear Responsibility later combined some superb lyrical abilities with sweet production, to create an album that aims to ring throughout your life.



Everything you need to know about Scientific Illuminism in pdf format.

Get a taste in a free 45-minute DJ mix featuring 4 tracks from the album.



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