Fizzarum make trippy electronic music which they simply describe as, 'a reflection on the things we don't have in our reality.' Blate!


Fizzarum: How Nature Works (Digital)
Fizzarum from St. Petersburg are well respected among worldly electronica connoisseurs, not least for their under-appreciated major release Monochrome Plural on Domino Records.


Actionfist: FisticuffsProudly presenting a digital re-release of some music for robots by the very lovable and widely celebrated Fizzarum.

How Nature Works fuses pastoral, Russian folk-inspired melody with clicky, glitchy bits and lush ambience. Better than Autechre and at least as good as Murcof, long-time Fizzarum fan Lab Beat is flattered to supply you all with re-released beauties like Prizm (Domino) and Tond 3 (Textile Records)..



Check out this vid of Fizzarum performing with some seriously trendy-looking gear!



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Fizzarum - How Nature Works
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