Actionfist's music, among many more significant things, provided much of the inspiration for Lab Beat's origin. A multi-instrumentalist, and mental hospital worker, Actionfist has performed .wav files in support of acts such as µ-ziq, Accelra, Ed Cox and, someone else..? big tings anyway...

Actionfist's long awaited Fisticuffs comprises a superbly entertaining and genuinely musical vision of varying styles. The quirky works include glitch hop, jungle and noise cult classics. The sound is highly dynamic, unpredictable and beautifully produced. But one must hear it in order to help me describe it properly. In its full hard-copy glory, it is even spectacular to look at, blessed with beautiful cover artwork by some considerable talent at Version Industries.


Planes: My Intentions Part 1

Planes: My Intentions Part 1



Actionfist's music is also to be found in This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate..



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