Purported glitch hop / wonky imprint Lab Beat has released some seriously sideways sounds in eleven releases by Actionfist, Boomd, Fizzarum, HipGnosis, Lewing, Master Eveleigh, Neverslept, Planes and Rose Specs.

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Actionfist Actionfist's music provided much of the inspiration for Lab Beat's origin. In most recent news, Actionfist's music is also to be found in this animation.
Boomd Boomd is the most polished Duncan Black going (Hypnokid, The Confidence Prankster). Check his Samurai EP. (Coming soon!)

Fizzarum Fusing pastoral, Russian folk-inspired melody with clicky, glitchy bits and lush ambience, Fizzarum from St. Petersburg are better listening than Autechre and at least as good as Murcof.


HipGnosis is Lab Beat's first yank signee, formerly based out of Chicago. With his deliciously clinical, wonky, bassy instrumental 'Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies)' HipGnosis embarks in a different direction, more usually collaborating with some remarkable vocalists.


Lewing makes music when he isn't making the internet.

Master Eveleigh

Master Eveleigh is the multi-talented philosopher king of Lab Beat and writer of this sentence. Honours include a brief rumour that his music was made by the Twin.


Neverslept is a new alias by a renowned and experimental Bristol-based producer who has plied us with 3 tracks of wonky synth-funk / skweee.


Planes is the new Richard Bultitude (Point B, Frond). In new Lab Beat tradition, his style is a sophisticated plasticised synthfunk one, varying from the simultaneously playful and nostalgic, to a suggestion of Pierre Bastien’s seesawing clockwork and mechanical dulcimer. Squashy, wonk-hop.

Rose Specs: Glitch Style Forays Rose Specs is handling his own glitchy, jazzy business these days in Mod Head Recordings. Be sure to check Varp Rocks from his Bomp Monster EP.

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