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Lab Beat is a record label from Cambridge, UK, specializing in deservedly fashionable, relentlessly sideways electronic music, also known as glitch hop, idm and jungle. This communication is a quick treat to celebrate a new release by HipGnosis.

HipGnosis: Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies)

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Scientific Illuminism

With his deliciously clinical, woozy, bassy instrumental 'Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies)' HipGnosis embarks in a different direction, more usually working with some remarkable vocalists, to fit their visions together. "It's a facilitative career that i am in. Producers do a lot of work that goes unrecognized in making an album, whether it is sculpting the sounds of multiple voices into sultry smoothness or adjusting compression ratio on an overanxious bass groove so that it nestles snugly in with the drums. On the social side, I come into contact with many people who influence what i do in many ways. on most albums, I feature a number of different vocalists, in other cases featuring producers with whom I collaborate. this involves having a vision of what the finished product will be well before the start of production, yet remaining open to collaborators' influences and ideas during the creation, recording, and finalization processes. It's like being a map-maker, and having to constantly rewrite the maps you spend your time on."


Everything you need to know about Scientific Illuminism in pdf format.

Get a taste in a free 45-minute DJ mix featuring 4 tracks from the album.

01. soulik (lusine icl remix) - Deru
02. din (logreybeam remix) - deru
03. nocturnal device - push button objects
04. a day in a life - push button objects
05. happiness (dub mix by underworld) - front 242
06. esoteric flesh - evan morris
07. hay fever - speedy j
08. C1 - gescom
09. illegitimate air - hipgnosis
10. rickshaw - flying lotus
11. onandon - lukid
12. thorough light - prefuse 73
13. ask you - lusine
14. type tactical - made
15. aubergintix ping - posthuman
16. underground looms - hipgnosis
17. high too fly - hipgnosis
18. antipodes - hipgnosis
19. unite - burial



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